Monday, December 26, 2016

Those Old Emotions

The property purge continues... 

Pic of the Day 122616 Bala Cynwyd, Pa.
I don't have a lot of stuff, but I have too much stuff. A lot of it is physical photos which I've managed to save during my Philly life. Some of what I dug up stirred some emotions, from the turn of the century. I was pretty screwed up during that era, perhaps even a bit of an asshole; which is probably partly responsible for making me so popular. I worked over night, so often I'd show up at an event and have to scoot out with no explanation. That made me seem mysterious, or so I've been told.

 Rolled out with the roll dawg today and he warned me that he'd picked up a bug... apologizing in advance. I told him that it up to my immune system to fight off any invaders that enter its domain, although I had to do my part to help. My number one go to weapon is Vitamin C. I forgot to take them as soon as I got in, hiked to the market for food and still didn't take any - that is, until I sneezed - then I took 4 grams. I learned, by way of attending medical lectures, that you can take as much Vitamin C as necessary without any ill effects... that is unless you consider a softened stool an ill effect. Anyway, I feel like something may be coming on, but I'm not sure whether it's psychosomatic or whether I'm just tired and up too late. Either way, there are symptoms and I must at least address them. 

Viruses cannot survive in environments upwards of 100 degrees F, so a fever may come on tonight and I can kill this viper before I wake in the morning. I've also noticed that these invaders seem to cause fat loss; the body needs to burn something to raise the body temperature and I've still got plenty (about 25 lbs. worth) of fat to spare. So hot tea, apple cider vinegar and some aminos before bed. 

More tales about the technology curve. 

I don't know what the heck's going on with these Google apps on my phone/device; there are too many things that do too many things that I am just not understanding and/or needing these days. Anyway, they seem very intrusive. I could use Google Drive on my computer, but I am a bit leery about Chromium, I had to shut that down. It was like an annoying approval-seeking child-man.

I installed Letgo on my Android; it was the craziest thing. First it took me too long to sign up because I didn't do it through Facebook. I don't know if that's a good or bad move. I may want FB connects to see what I'm selling. But back to the experience. I took a picture of a camera, and the app identified the camera and posted it up. I didn't have any way to write a description or anything. nd then there was this wacky commercial where the item appears as product placement - actually, the camera was the main idea of the commercial... starring Dolph Lundgren. Crazy!!! So then I had the option to share it on Twitter, but not Facebook. Go figure. I don't know a thing about the Letgo app right now, except with I've mentioned, but I guess I'll learn. 

The plan is to be flying out of here on January 10, 2017. My final interview is in two days. I should know whether I an book my ticket - or not - by then. 

So back to hangin' with the roll dawg - now that we are Men of a Certain Age and more importantly of a certain maturity; meaning we're taking better care of ourselves nutritionally and physically, we've been spending more time in cafes and such eateries that serve healthier grub than your average tavern (however the health revolution or at least a greater nutritional awareness has caused taverns and pubs to up their food games)... mostly reminiscing - but not really because we have some future plans as well. So there's a good bit of both going on. Over all it's a good vibe, good company, gets us both out of the house and into some different scenery. 

We are friends like Yin & Yang or in this case bookends... in the DJ sense at least. I started spinning in 1996 and brought him to the wheels in 2001. Now he's got his own night going and he puts me on from time to time. There's one coming up in January, three days before I'm scheduled to fly off into Freedom Year. I'm not going to promote it as my final appearance, unless I have the flight booked. I've still got a lot to do at the house, I may have to give up a few trips to the YMCA, if the weather stays mild, I may get a few park workouts in. I'll miss the leg press though. 

Tempting Fate: St. Jack's Old City c. 2001
Let me just finish with one of those fond memories of someone I was very attracted to and, so I am told, the feeling was mutual. But... the timing wasn't right; or maybe it was my awareness that wasn't right. In any case, what it was, was, what it was and that's all that was meant to be. We've lost touch, but if I'm not careful, the Universe will throw her in my lap. With that last sentence my mind has wandered and I am wondering how such a meeting would go. 

I hear she got married. Not a bit surprised. I don't even know where to go from here. The photos I've managed to dig up have been reminding me of forgotten moments and a plethora of emotions better left buried... maybe. As the centuries changed and I was going through my transition years (1996 - 2002) a lot of people came into my life and I probably treated a few, or several of them unkindly.   But this is no time for regrets. If the Universe brings of paths together, I'm sure we'll have a nice time reminiscing, maybe confessing... maybe apologizing. Who knows??? 

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