Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve

I got a late start today.

I woke up and sure enough, as predicted it was raining. I sacrificed the day before. Probably one of the best days of the week, to stay home and gather together the memories/junk that has to be de-housed from my place. I need to get as much out as possible before I hit the road.

Today is a workout day; not just any workout, but a 500 day and I didn't feel like going, but I knew I had to. I started making contingencies; maybe I work out at home, but then asked when was the next time I'd be able to get to the Y. I was still wondering whether or not I'd go as I got dressed to go.

Glad I did too. I'm always glad I go to the YMCA. This is probably why I allow my subconscious and/or my body/mind just to go without Me getting in the way with contrary thoughts.

I didn't go too hard at the Y; but I did bring the video/phone in the room with me so I could demo some of the exercises I've been doing for the 500.

The 500 is a time-consuming and challenging series of only five exercises; each exercise require 100 reps. I've written about this before, so I won't go into much detail. In fact, from today's workout a video was created.

The 500 Video if you care to take a look.

I finished up just in time for the great people at the Y to get home for Christmas Eve festivities. They closed the building at 1500.

Next stop for me was Mom's house then off to a family gathering not very far away.

I generally end up playing with the children.

This isn't exactly why I exercise so relentlessly, but it's a nice benefit. I get to play "strong-man uncle" at holidays. We fished up back at Mom's over holiday libations and reminiscing about our fractured childhood. It made us strong and closer and some of the stories are exaggerated for laughs.

Our family, which is four generations deep now, is small, but spread out, so we use the technology of the day to keep in touch. Thus face-timing to parts of Southern California and Miami bring us a little bit closer.

And that was that. Day 8 of Freedom Year; going into my second week on Christmas Eve. I plan to spend tomorrow in the house all day trying to clean up and clean out... maybe rescue some more memories. I'm thinking I should make a time capsule.

Good night, good morning, Merry Christmas.

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