Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Don't Buy Any Green Bananas

The Freedom Year roll-outs, meet-ups and funnies continue.

We be chillin' in Cafes like it's not Philly
Today I finally got out of bed at 0630 because I had an "early" (1000 hrs) breakfast meeting with Dan. Good breakfast at Honey's and good ideas exchanging. This Minimum Wage Fitness scheme might get going after all... only, I don't want to spend too much time on it. Dan gave good feedback on the ebook so far. Still in development.

After breakfast we went over to see Dan's friend Carl, (who I met for the first time today. And it's very worth titling this entry after something Carl was told.) Carl's writing a series of books about how everything we think we know about how the body works, how the Earth works and how intelligent design is wrong.

After his second heart attack at age 63, Carl was advised not to buy any green bananas. His doctors didn't think he'd live long enough to see them ripen. At that point he quit his meds (he refers to them as poisons) and "started listening" as he says. He'd made his peace and was ready to be taken from this plane.

Well, apparently "God" (and Carl often secularizes the word for the atheist/agnostic reader) wasn't quite ready for Carl to depart his Earthly body. I'm not going to tell his story because Carl's doing that in his book series. Suffice to say that Carl began learning about the body, its functions and its components from the perspective of a mechanical engineer.

What he shared about how the body "unwinds" was fascinating, because I've followed and heard several other people make the points he's made about humans, the earth, the Creator, etc. So I was on the same page. Hopefully, I will get the opportunity to do a more thorough piece on Carl. Mostly I sat and listened to him present his first book. He has a very good reading voice, super good energy and an excellent vibe. Very worthy of a follow up and friendship.

Next stop... Reading Terminal Market where I meet up with mah roll dawg, DJ Zollielama (Rybrew). I couldn't resist getting the gator sausage po' boy (that means hoagie), but I could resist the bread. As long as I've been in Philly... and working downtown, I am just now trying out some places for the first time. Another first for me was the smoothy spot also at RTM. It was pretty good... like a virgin pina colada, with ginger. [And no stomach/digestion issues, either.] And I got to practice my Chinese.

Lately we've been doing a lot of chillin' at cafes and coffee houses and recounting adventures and remembering the old days and laughing. My sense of humour seems to be in high gear lately and there's always some bit of philosophy, business, travel advice, or drama (not ours) to chuckle over.

I've been forgetting the names of the days, but not the dates. So I'm still good. I've lined up a few more meet-ups this week. I have to check-out of the job tomorrow and get my new ID, the one that identifies me as being actually retired.

I have to admit there's a best of both worlds feeling to this [which if I could coin a term and sell it, that could be my accidental million] part of my life. To look (so I am told) and feel too young to be retired, but to have the "age," the experience(s) and the wisdom that comes along with those qualities to be able to go off and do those things that I kinda-sorta only imagined (out loud to my friends during BS sessions) doing, is pretty dope.

And that's what Freedom Year is all about for now. If you like this blog so far, subscribe, or follow or comment... (not sure what the options are) and you will probably receive an email alert in your email. Also share it with your friends, especially those who like to wander, imagine and explore.


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