Monday, December 19, 2016

More Meet Ups and Transitions

The first Monday morning of Freedom Year. Somehow I think I should wake up at 0630, so I set an alarm for it. The alarm sounds and I turn it off and stay in bed until I'm ready to wake up. I need to decide how much of the day I want to stay up in... so to speak. Will I be awake and active for 14 or 16 hours? I will also need to spend more time packing up the stuff in my house.
Image from Nov. 7th 2016 YMCA

So today I met up with a co-worker who left the gig twenty years ago. We caught up for lunch and discovered she's had a great career of traveling, per diem, side-traveling etc. We caught up, but not completely, so we scheduled a part two for next week. That will be after Christmas. It doesn't seem like Christmas - but it hasn't for me, in years.

Next stop... the YMCA for the last Functional Fitness class taught by yours truly. We had a good time and the class gave me a standing ovation at the end of the class... hugs and handshakes. The YMCA is in every respect a Community facility. I really do believe they will miss me.

Then another meet-up with a friend going through this year's signature transitions. It's just talking about life and such. It was really like old times. There are a lot of encounters that feel like old times these days. But I'm leaving soon.

Events happen for reasons.. Manly Hall surmises that such events occur to help us to grow. Several of my friends have had opportunities to grow this year.

I think I was up until about midnight. Had a late (after 8 PM) burger and salad... no carbs, except for the dark beer... and that was ONE beer.

Maybe 0800 to 2400 is a good range. I think I have to be consistent or I will drift off into bad habits. Bad habits lead to bad health - and I can't have that.


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