Friday, December 23, 2016

Home Boy

Thought for the day
Well it's Day 7 of Freedom Year. The first week is over and after a week of hanging out meeting up and gym time and goodbyes... it was time to stay in and get some work done. Of course it was the nicest day of the week; fairly warm and sunny out. My only consolation is that it's one of the shortest days of the year, so time-wise I didn't miss that much sunlight.

I can't even remember the last time I was in all day. Occasionally I would have a day like this when I couldn't bring myself to go outside, but that's changed. I don't remember when, but it has changed.

The theme of the day was clean up, clean out; I don't have that much stuff, but it's too much. I've been trying to give much of it away for the last five years. I've been pretty successful with vinyl(s) [ha ha ha], CDs and movies. Dishes and cutlery have been more difficult and clothes... well I have a contact for them. I don't just want to dump them into one of those bins. My massage therapist collects clothing for homeless men and those generally in need. Some of the stuff is in pretty good shape, so she shares some pieces as well.

Also, my son is the same size as I am, just longer above the waist, so he can grab some if necessary. There is too much to travel with. And if I fill up my dufflebag I won't have room to collect any new items along the way.

Another act I did today was pull my camera out of its bag and start taking pictures. I have to rekindle my love of taking pictures. Ironically my profession, as a photographer, all but killed it. When I got my first camera I would take it with me and just go around snapping pix of just about everything. So I did that today. So here are the results of today's photography... and house cleaning/clearing.

Front Room... the speaker is spoken for.
Weight bench and not an ironing board.
My exercise area. Home gym, (banister)
I don't sit in this chair. It must go!!
I did some shredding today.
Arial view.

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