Sunday, December 25, 2016

Neo-Xmas X'it Traditions

I'm taking a little shredding break. I feel like I am accomplishing something when I shred. This evening it's photos.

Pop-pop with his first grands - c. 1988
In terms of occupation, I've been a photographer for more than thirty years. I used to run around with a camera and pockets full of film... rolls that is, taking pictures of events, DJs, bands and such. As a result I have stacks of them that have been sitting in my house in various locations for a long-ass time.

It's tough for me to get rid of images because they hold memories. That's exactly what they are supposed to do, and as a photographer and someone with a freakishly good memory I put a sentimental value on both; especially when it comes to my children.

However, today's reality is that I must give up some of these moments and memories, at least in solid form. Some of the subjects in those memories have changed dramatically to a point where they'd rather not have the memories of those times rekindled; others have passed on... almost all who have, left us too soon, if not tragically.

In other Christmas news; as expected I didn't rush to get out of bed. No kids, no Christmas tree and no one else here or anywhere to answer to. What wasn't expected was the 2 miles I combo'd (mostly run, but partial walk, 31 minutes) this afternoon. Once again, some other part of my Me took over and next thing I know I'm huffing and puffing down the parkway and back. I didn't even have time to make one of those clips I imagine I've become so infamous for.

Other than that, the day is going along well. It's just the cleaning and discovering of such items as photos, mix cds, and booklets... lots of diary-type notebooks mostly filled with daily exercise routines, weight and percentages of body fat and muscle mass, but inter-sprinkled within are some bits of wisdom.

Also on the front, of the items to be completed list, is to get my wealth-game in order. I've been listening to the whispers of the Freedom and Liberty media and while I don't buy all of their rhetoric there are a few strategies that I feel can benefit me during Freedom Year. Of course I am hesitant to mention any specifics in a public forum. Wealth is like Health... in fact their etymologies are connected, in that I don't give advice on either, except when I've tried a particular strategy and have had satisfactory, or better results with it. What makes sense to me, financially or physiologically, might not make sense to anyone else. I think I'll be experimenting in the next year on the wealth side and see what happens.

I envision needing wealth for the most basic things, mostly food, shelter and transportation. I won't be out purchasing comfort amenities.

Later... The cleaning continued and I came across more photos that I wanted to save. After a battle trying to find free software to operate my scanner.... which is probably a clunker by today's standers (at least it has a USB connection) I rescued several classics and now I can triple save them for the future. I can also put the originals away to display just in case I decide to settle somewhere and I want solid images from a hundred years ago to hang onto the virtual all in my virtual apartment... or whatever they will call the space that far in the future.

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