Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 is like a Societal Disease

The day moves rapidly when you wake up at 0900. It's the perfect day to stay in and get work done. Cleaning and packing. I have to rescue item I don't want to throw out... just yet. Privately, I can't throw them out. I don't think I'd mind if I were discover they'd been thrown out if I were to return ten years later.

Havertown, Pa early 1990s. Approaching fatness.
Despite the Vagabond Philosopher handle, I don't want to get too philosophical, not now anyway. This is just a break. I have more today. This blog will be a work i n progress. Begun at 13:00-ish, it will be completed when I am completed.

It's dreary and rainy. Perfect day to stay in. It's 12-29-16, that no-mans-land week after Christmas and a lot of people emotionally rush to escape the current year. Especially this year. A lot of emotionally challenging events occurred this year. No need to enumerate them.

2016 has been like a disease. Literally. Many people have felt, or today feel ill at ease, which is literally the definition of disease. The 2016 disease has manifested itself in several unhealthy ways, mostly fear and hate. Those emotions, similar to the way a sneeze can transfer a virus into another person, have manifested into hateful actions, designed to cause even more fear. Some of those actions, (hate speech, hate posts, hate graffiti, micro-aggressions, et al) have further spread fear, suspicion, and distrust, even among people who considered themselves friends.

As friendships dissolve so does unity and the co-energy that makes us strong and healthy. Thus, the 2016 disease metaphor comes alive, as in addition to our depression over the events of the year, we also generate negative emotions towards those who, let's say intellectually betrayed us with their positions on politics, social justice and the like.

This social media disease, I observe, has spread like a contagion and manifested itself in emotional status updates, mean memes and withdrawal.

Not everyone is affected. Some of us seem to be immune. Perhaps we were inoculated in the past or have built up an immunity during events like Vietnam, Water Gate, Reaganomics, The Gulf War (I), 9/11, the Crash of 2008 or the countless false flag events of the last four years. We don't allow these events, authentic or not, get into out hearts and souls and eat them away from the inside. We have our coping methods, however, little if any of them include self pity, cursing the times, or some abstract diety or becoming cruel to our friends and colleagues.

This is all I have. It just came to me in an auto-write fit. I should go on, but I have to get back to cleaning. I hope you get to read this. I keep reaching out, little by little... maybe you'll reach back.

Mas tardes.

I spent a lot of time shredding pictures today I saved a lot as well and this evening I will scan them. I got out of the house after sundown for two reason... first, simply yo get out and second to get some stock for my smoked turkey soup. The front room is a bit cleaner. A lot of stuff has been boxed and a bit more has been trashed. It looked like there was more than there was.

I have several tasks to work on this evening. I also have to exercise. That will take priority. Looks like it will be "Home Work" for the duration of my stay. Might not get back to the Y unless I catch up with this work. I think I'll put clothes on the agenda tonight although my go-to clothes donation contact is MIA.

Remind me to rant/explain how to tell if someone who claims to be a friend is indeed a real friend... or basically how to tell if you should actually rely on them for things they say they will do.

Anyway, let me get this up and get on with teh rest of the night.


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