Friday, December 16, 2016

Freedom Year Begins 12-16-16 to 12-17-17

When you can take the pebble from my hand... it will be time for you to leave...

I must have been pretty excited about my last day on the job; or maybe it was having heat in the house for the first time this season. Either way, I had a tough time getting to sleep. I was probably worried about over-sleeping or someway not going in to work. I woke up at 0319 this morning. Usually I don't even look at the clock if my eyes open before the alarm sounds, but this morning was different. I didn't get straight out of bed, but I was conscious for the 41 minutes until that alarm played its familiar ring-tone.

As mentioned in the video I shot (but may not have uploaded...yet), it was important to me to come in today. I choose the day; the date actually (12-16-16). I thought it was cool that it landed on a Friday, but didn't realize until later that it would be my first day of the week. I like that irony, my first day back is my last day on the gig.

So, from this day forward I am Noxsoma: personal services corporation and I'll decide what that entails as I go along. For sure there will be fitness, exercise and general health and activity offered and I am working on some ways to create some passive cyber income, even if it's bitcoin. I might even tend bar somewhere, just for the experience. Friends think I'd be good at it, but I might get bored. If I move to a city and want to learn my way around, I might drive for one of the car services.

But first; people have been asking me where I am going. Despite my reluctance to reveal, I tell them anyway. I believe there's some kind of magic in reinforcing my ideas.

I've promised to be four places this year; Miami, Los Angeles, Singapore and Dublin. Seeing this written down here reminds me that three of these places are locations I've visited this year and are returning to. I will probably pursue some other options along the way, pick up some tips, and get more leads for later, but this year (2017) I will have to stay focused.

For me, I am calling 12-16-16 to 12-17-17 Freedom Year, although I am also predicting it's going to have to be a #badass_year for most Americans and have been hashtagging it all over the social media.

At some point - that point being when and if the "conspiracy theories" also known as the truths (or facts) about the Obama Administration's crimes against the people of Syria et al, are revealed, Americans are going to have to wake themselves up and adjust their realities to the paradigm shift that they missed while they were being entertained and misled by the mainstream corporate media. It's going to be very uncomfortable.

This shake-up could occur the other way around, however. The Liberty Media as they call themselves, might be wrong about the impending collapse of the economy and the Neo-Con agenda that's ripping the nation apart from within. If they are wrong, then everything will be fine. People will be employed and America will be "great again." If not... prepare for chaos and confusion.

Either way, I'll be out there doing something... learning something and maybe even teaching something.

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