Sunday, December 18, 2016

Life and Synchonicity

"The majority of people are carried along as the falling stone, obedient to environment, outside influences, internal moods, desires, etc..." The Kybalion.

This quote seemed relevant to me today, although I like to think I have a bit more control. I know what I have to do and when I have a choice I put it to the Universe and the Universe usually answers.
At the beginning of the countdown 12-16-2015

Today's meet up with Isabella was postponed for a couple of hours due to whatever chain of events influenced the person who was supposed to show up to work... not to show up. This resulted in my decision to leave the house at a particular time when the bus I needed, which runs less frequently on Sundays, was only a block away from where I was to catch it.

This fortuitous synergy between myself and the bus operator, a (too) cutie, by the way who had the rear view mirror maladjusted so that passengers could not stare at her, put me at the Green Line Cafe just as Dan was getting himself a cup of tea. This unscheduled but welcomed meet-up was clearly a sign; something that was meant to be.

Dan and I have been meeting up and sharing and comparing information and analysis of alternative finances, let's say; crypto-currencies, passive incomes by way of the internet, international travel and the rapidly changing paradigms of our history. We set up a meet for Wednesday, which - if the signs remain consistent, could be mutually beneficial for all involved.

Isabella and I always have interesting conversations about life, relationships, personalities, future goals, paths, dreams that sort of dialog. Our friendship in undefined (on my end anyway) and seems to be on a long-term slow burner. She seemed impressed that I maintained friendships for long periods of time. I told her we'd still be friends twenty years from now. I have no doubt.

It seemed like any one of our meet-ups and not as if we won't see each other for an undetermined length of time. I feel that together we're the type of friends who'd be able to pick right up where we left off. We have no tragedies or heartbreaks or breakdowns to share. It's been just over a year since we've been hanging out.

There's always - or so it seems - that get to know somebody curve that gets in the way. Or maybe it's the agenda that gets in the way. My agenda... stay friends, see what happens, stay chill, don't freak out, keep it moving. Same as my agenda for life in general.

I think it was the same book, The Kybalion, from whence I quoted above, that suggests that a Master can rise above or control the circumstances that often cause chaos in other peoples' lives. Although I strive for mastery, not over external elements but from within myself, I do not consider myself much of a master at anything. However, it does seem that without much conscious effort, events, circumstances and unexplainable timing has been working to my advantage.

As long as I don't try to consciously manipulate the Universe, things will continue to progress as they will. As long as I am willing and able to accept these events, the synchronicity and the magic, if you will... it will continue manageably if not always smoothly.

I shall speak no more of this.

Until the next time.


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