Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Freedom Year... Next Level

Blowing smoke, Limerick, Pa. 12-28-16 selfie
It gets a little more real with every meeting. Today was the Pension Board where I found out I won't get another paycheck until February 13th, 2017!!! Gasp... an early Valentine's gift. I wonder where I'll be that day. Wonder if I'll be able to check it from my mobile device. Until then I'm just gonna chill and roam and NOT shop.

Not only did I get that bit of business out of the way I made a few other moves that will help ease the pain of not having a steady, fortnightly paycheck. Note - I'll only get funds in once a month. Talk about being on a fixed income. I am in for some lean years, but I've been warned.

It's worth noting that I ate both meals at home today. I've been on a 176.8 lb. plateau for 4 or 5 days... all days/nights I've eaten out and not trained (too much). It would be ironic if I gained weight today.

Before I got back home and started pretending to be a FOREX trader, I took one last walk down to Wricley's (the wholesale nut factory, which I have only called The Nut Spot and then mispronounced when I tried to big them up.) As mentioned in one of two of my video clips, it's a place I will miss. I like their products. And come to think of it, since I've been retired and not sitting around eating trail mix for 3-4 hours I've dropped a pound or two. Makes me wonder if the trail mix was keeping my weight at a certain level. I expect a lot of changes as I move away from my at-work behaviour.

After a few hours of cleaning up the house... more or less.. Roll Dawg came by and we took a local road trip. Whenever I get in the vehicle I don't even ask where we're going. This time we ended up in Limerick, Pa. (I thought those smoke stacks looked familiar) for some outlet shopping. I am not a shopper, in fact my series Men on Shopping is a reaction to having a friend who likes to shop. (I have to do something while I'm waiting.)

In a classic act of irony a lovely lady handed me a coupon with a deal attached. But three items and get an extra 10% off. Did I mention this was a Tommy Hilfiger outlet store? Did I mention that I am NOT a TH fan?? So I bought these socks because they came out to like $4.00 a pair and they weren't white sports socks... I figure they will be comfortable on the train, plane, or bus.

Other than that the day wasn't very eventful.

If you're still asking how it feels... it's comfortable, it feels free and I notice I am a bit friendlier and open to people. I talk more freely and openly - if you can imagine that. I have nowhere to be. No curfew - I'm not abusing it... I don't think. Heck, I was up at 0400 this morning working out. If this becomes my thing, so be it. I'll keep getting up at 0400 until I stop. I'm not going to force anything.

And that's today.... I'd better start looking for flights. 

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