Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Surviving 2016 and ready for 2017 with my Brothers
Yesterday I reached my twenty year weight goal. Weighed in at 175 lbs. Whew!! Big exhale. At some point I will recount the story of weigh gain and weight loss and what I learned. It will probably start with an e-book I am currently writing and continue with a series of reports.

So let's get to the balance of the day.

I thought I'd be able to stay in and clean house, but a text for brunch kind of changed my plans. Today,  realize I probably have more food at home than I can eat in two weeks, so I'd best not eat out much this week.

So back to yesterday.

I wanted to have breakfast at Aquarius Diner, along with Blossom, however the waitress seemed grouchy and her body language as well as her behaviour was rude, or at the very least unprofessional. I felt that she had some kind of problem with me; or it could have been her, the day, her situation, etc. Nonetheless the vibes were so bad I couldn't raise them up and my guest was overtly having a bad experience. After a cup of tea and coffee, we headed out.

There are many examples of our server's non-professionalism but no need to go into that. I may not get to go back to Aquarius before I leave, but if I ever do, I will be sure to avoid her section.

Blossom and I went to a coffee house called Five Points; a mom and pop place with a pleasant atmosphere, however the food was a bit lighter.

All things for a reason, so no worries.

We spent so much time at Five Points I was hungry again by the time we got back to my spot. Blossom got the the glasses I'd saved up for her and a pair of shoes.. perfect fit too. She'll be back for the dishes.

The Llama came through and we went out for a protein shake. This has become a thing with him. He will literally drive an hour to get a shake from this place. I go along for the ride and we get to laugh and talk about the past and the future, walk around town and sometimes... shop.

Finally to the New Year's Eve party hosted by Julia and Tim. Great atmosphere and an opportunity to meet new friends and get different perspectives on today's issues. I Actually drank and still survived. Three slow-motion dark-n-stormies with actual Gosling dark spiced rum. Long time since I had Gosling. The ginger beer was a kind of lucky find.... picked up four bottles at a spot that was still open... like a deli or something. Anyway, I used Reed's, which was used in the first D-n-S cocktail I ever had... adequate. I couldn't get Citadel.

The night ended a few hours before sun up. About 0400. I prepared NOT to be hung-over this morning. ACV (apple cider vinegar), Chlorella and Carnitine and Arginine (Amino Acids) were taken before the nod.

Just a quick note, I've been experimenting with taking arginine and carnitine before bed based on the idea that the body repairs itself during sleep. If aminos are building blocks, they should be best utilized during sleep. How do I measure the results?? I have no idea. However, if they do no harm, then I'll keep up the practice.

Well, today is Mr. Honey's 88th birthday, so I have to head up and do the family gathering thing. More important now'adays. It's a nice, relatively warm day (high 30s and sunny) so I might just take that walk up to Mom's.

I'm beginning to feel the lack of group fitness class conditioning as I exert myself in certain situations, which suggests... strongly, that I need to grab an Insanity tape, or better yet, practice my own "Come Back" session.

Okay, this is the report of the day. It could be just me or shared to those who've subscribed. I've still got so much to do. Better organization and discipline is the key.

Happy New Year.

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